A Message From Lake Fossil Press' Owner

Greetings, my name is Nickolaus Pacione. You might seen my work around various magazines as a writer, then a few publications where I am the editor and publisher of them. I've been writing horror since October 19th, 1990, then I've been doing a darker take on Creative Nonfiction for almost that long too. I've seen my creative nonfiction get published on a few magazines over the years too, I did a non-fiction anthology back in 2006 called More Frightening Than Fiction. Then in 2007 I penned An Eye In Shadows and 2015 I had made Suburbanite's Confessional public -- irony by grace. I am a working writer; like you and you can see samples on FictionPress.com and have a gofundme.com to help with some bills as I am on Disability.
      There is no title for this just yet but this one is self-explaining. I am looking for dark hued creative nonfiction for this project. From the second year that my publishing imprint came to surface. I did a creative nonfiction anthology of horror stories called More Frightening Than Fiction.
      I am looking for creative nonfiction in the Gothic vein, meaning if you had long stays in hospitals, fell deathly sick, cheated death, broke away from drug addiction,dark hued Christian Testimonies, struggles with mental illness, true paranormal accounts, the aftermath of a natural disaster, disturbing true crime, being stalked for being a whistleblower, and even something that falls in these territories. Don't do entirely the Unshackled Submission Guidelines because you're allowed to say "Fuck" and "Shit" -- meaning you get to swear. Explicit language is permitted -- though don't always do an altar call -- let them come to you.
      Stories keep them between 2400-8800 words in a Word 2003 format (.doc) or Open Office Document Text (.odt) Reprints are fine just as long they're from a print publication. I am publishing this with either TheBookPatch.com or AuthorsDen.com. The LSI Spark and TheBookPatch.com versions one will be the A5 size then the AuthorsDen.com one will be 6 x 9 and want to keep books between 190-250 pages. The 6.21 x 9.14 can have a larger range.

What about my Copyrights?

Writers retain all their original copyrights. There is a reading fee that's less than a meal at Burger King. Accepted writers will get a .pdf of the anthology able to get the copies at a discount if they need flesh and bloods. I am looking for a true dark side here. I am going in territories that other creative non-fiction writers don't do.
     Leave me unhinged because this is a horror anthology of creative nonfiction. They say truth is scarier than fiction, so be sure to add some real scares to this bad boy.
     What is not allowed is erotic stories of any kind. Be very creative with the delivery. NO SEX DAMN IT! Think what if Edgar Allan Poe wrote true stories that are horror or H.P. Lovecraft also did this. Then you'd get the idea. Think a Readers Digest for Goths and you will have the right idea.
     One submission per writer please because this one has some potential to being a good sized anthology. I am looking for a female model to be on the cover of this project.
     If you read the five year memoir, An Eye In Shadows, that would give a strong idea what I have in mind. The stories must be well written and out of the stories read, only 18 will be chosen for this. If you haven't read this book, go grab it from Amazon.com then you have an idea what I got in mind.
     This publication will actually be four volumes. So this is a rolling submission deal to accompany The Ethereal Gazette. The money coming from the reader fee will go into investing in a LCCN, an ISBN where Lake Fossil Press or Broken Mindframe Books is listed as the publisher, and a few proof copies to send them off to the media. This will be the magazine this anthology will be based upon. If you are looking for The Ethereal Gazette GLs -- the submittable is up too there. The handling fee allows me to get as many as you want as you will get them for what I pay for Issue Five -- I pay $3.00 per copy before shipping and I can get you as many as you need. The fiction if you want to submit fiction for anthologies -- there's no handling fee for that. I've been at the publishing business since 2004 and I am not done as a publisher.

If you're mad about the handling fee this is the fiction anthology submittable for anthologies -- this one has no fee but this would be what the wheelhouse normally is is for Lake Fossil Press. This area is where you do your fiction submission kids.  2200-10,000 for fiction  (Horror, Sci-Fi, Weird Literary, Urban Fantasy, and Alt. History.)
   Anthology submission is like the magazine for fiction -- that's year round. I had this place for awhile but never really had a chance to put this to use. So those fo you who are trying to submit to Fossil Lake this is not those anthology but the house that Nick built. I will also be editing my message board on a site where I call the board "The House That Nick Built."

This is where you submit your entry for the anthology. The reading fee is listed and be sure to send the story all proofread and everything ready to read. Make the story single spaced with the paragraphs indented using the rulers on top of the word document or open office document. Keep the stories between 2400 words to 8800 words (ideal is 3500 to 7900.)
    The other creative non-fiction publications don't exactly have that dark edge behind them so when you do your story, keep it as dark as hell. The best chances are a narrative about your nightmares interlaced with faith elements. The scarier the better the chances. The handling fee don't complain too much when you realize this is going to help with the LCCN when I get this ready.

This is where the photography can be submitted for consideration for the front cover. Send the cover photography as a .png format. I will also be doing the photography on some of the covers too. I use photography on the title page and sometimes the copyright page will also have this. Cemetery photos are great for this project or somewhere desolate.

Nothing pornographic or nothing that's of the BDSM vein either. I am well aware of that end of things. Do the photo in a way that it also tells a story. I usually turn the photographs into bluescale or green scale for the cover.

So if you're sending a photograph for the anthology's front cover, keep the thing PG-13.